Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Not Alarmed at All

If an alarm makes no sound, is it still an alarm?

This morning I kept feeling that mental nudge that said, "it's too light for you to still be in bed." I finally gave in and grabbed the iTouch to see what time it was. AAAUUUUGGGGHHH! It was 6:05 and I was supposed to have been up at 5:15 to get daughter going for school.

Apparently the alarm was set, but I forgot to turn the VOLUME up! ARGH. I'm sure there's an APP I can download that will remind me in some way to turn the volume on.

So, we screamed through getting her prepped and I took her to a bus stop further along the way than ours. The bus was still there so I pulled in behind, flashed my lights and she ran out to catch it. It was dark and wet and my heart was in my mouth when he started to drive away without picking her up. Fortunately, a car on the other side honked at him. He (breaking the rules) stopped and picked her up. My heart slowed down and I drove back to the house to get the other child moving.

I think I'm going to bake the bus driver some cookies for her to give him tomorrow. I think I owe him some.



Thom said...

Damn volume buttons LOL That would be very nice of you to bake the cookies. You know sometimes when I stop to pick people up, not at a bus stop mind you or do something nice I don't get so much as a simple thank you or kiss my a** Makes me wonder why I even bother sometimes. But that just the way it is. I figure doing something nice sometimes pays off and people appreciate and that makes it all worth it :)

Quilldancer said...

Oh my! I am so glad you both made it! Why not take the bus driver a lovely pumkin desert? The recipe is up on my blog at your request.

Taylor said...

I use my cell phone for an alarm-works great!
Glad she still made it!
Thanks for visiting my blog-I hope to hear from you again!