Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three Word Thursday

It's time for stretching your brain, manipulating your neurons, getting your gray matter to ease its way around new words, and while you're at it, be entertained by fellow wordies. Quilly hosts Three Word Thursday. These words are obsolete unless we rescue them! If you want to participate in this 911 party for words, see Quilly!

The words this week: gardeviance, kexy, aretaloger

To catch up with the story, go back to here for the start, and then just follow 3WT.

Alice’s mom heard the car in the driveway, the slam of the front screen door, and the pounding of Alice’s feet up the stairs. She went up to see what was so urgent and found Alice on the floor next to an old gardeviance they used for storing family treasures. “What are you looking for, Alice?” she asked. “I need the rain stick, Mom!” “Oh, I donated that to the charity sale,” her mother replied. Alice sat back on her heels. “I didn’t think they’d want it because it was so kexy. I mean, how can a rain stick be a rain stick when all the beads inside have disappeared? But they were happy to take it.”

“MOM! I took the beads out because I put something else in there! I need to get it back! It’s the one thing, besides the dogs, that can help me locate Adam! Where do they store the things for the sale?” Alice demanded.

“Patricia Rock was the one who came by. You can call…” but Alice had already flown by to the phone. By the time her mom reached the base of the stairs, Alice was on the way out the front door, whistling to the big Newfies to come with her. To her credit, Alice’s mom didn’t try to slow her down for an explanation of how Adam was missing yet again. Being a mom, she focused on the practical things.

“Will you and Luke and Adam be back for dinner?” her mother called. Alice shot her a look full of exasperation. So much precious time had already been lost. “Probably not. Thanks mom.” “Why are you taking the dogs, Alice?” her mom asked as she approached the car. Cass and Cicero eagerly jumped into the back seat and took up their sentinel posts at each rear window. Alice paused, “Mom, I need to go see a bad guy about a bad plan he had. He’s such an aretaloger that he wastes a lot of time telling everyone how smart he is. I need the dogs to impress upon him the urgency of time. Don’t worry, no one will hurt these big babies!” Alice’s mom looked at her reproachfully. “Alice, my concern is for you and that little boy. Find him and get him to safety…and take care of the dogs too.” She kissed her daughter on the forehead and pushed her down into the driver’s seat. “And bring Luke with you!” she added quietly as her daughter zoomed down the road.


Bill ~ {The Old Fart} said...

Great use of Quilly's Words. I don't know if I could tackle this. I am lucky that I can keep up with the things I do now.

I've made a link for you at my place so everyone can visit your wonderful blog.

anthonynorth said...

Always a pleasure to read your continuing story. It's captivating.

Susan at Stony River said...

I hope she gets there in time!

Oh, the things lost in the yard sales of Moms... LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Alice's mom wants her to bring Luke home with her :) Glad to see the dogs back in the picture. I've missed them the last couple of chapters. Well done my friend :) This is so intruguing :)

Quilldancer said...

It is good that Alice didn't have more time or there would have been a fight over her mother giving away things that don't belong to her! (I'm a little touchy on that subject just now.)

The story is still edge of the seat exciting. I can't wait to dinf out what's in the rain stick and why Alice needs a bragging bad man.

Reston Friends! said...
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SouthLakesMom said...

Bill -- thank you so much for the link! Please hold me accountable to keep my blog worth reading! Let me know when I goof!

Anthony -- thank you too!

Susan -- yeah, yard sales. I had to flag down the garbage truck one day because a particular bike horn had gotten in there. If only the garbage men hadn't liberated it and started playing with it...loudly...

Thom -- yeah, you're a sucker for romance! And the dogs! You're the reason they're back, you know.

Quilly -- um...yeah. See my comment to Susan! My son STILL brings that up sometimes and asks, "did you mean for it to be in the trash?" This happened when he was 4 years old! Yikes! I guess he'll use it as the basis for a college essay someday.

Fandango said...

Now what could she have put in there ?
Now we poor dragons will be waiting for next week.
Well done.

Dr.John said...

Now I have to wait another week. That's why I quit buying comic books. We never got to the end.
Well done

SouthLakesMom said...

Dr. John and Fandango -- blame it on Quilly...she keeps giving me words that spin the story out! I'm having trouble landing the plane!