Monday, November 30, 2009

Planned Obsolescence?

My son had a discussion with another guy in his Boy Scout troop last weekend. It was about Pandas. The other guy was talking about how wonderful they are. My son said, "they're doomed." The other boy smacked him. My son said, "they're dumb, slow and they haven't evolved an ability to reproduce regularly and haven't diversified their food. Doomed." The other kid smacked him again. This went on for a while with the other boy very agitated about him INSULTING the Pandas and continuing to smack my son. He was sitting at an angled table and couldn't get away from the other kid smacking him so finally, he reached across and punched the kid in the shoulder.

The other boys looked over at them, smiled, and looked away.

So is my son an herbivore or a carnivore?


quilly said...

The male of the species, no matter how evolved, must demonstrate the ability to take care of himself. Your son is a survivor.

SouthLakesMom said...

I asked, "why didn't you just shut up about the pandas?" He said that after he quit talking, the kid kept smacking him. He asked him to stop 3 times, and when the kid smacked him again, he punched him. It stopped. Well, it's certainly not the Boy Scout way, but in this case, we told him it was okay.

It mystifies him that in the same circumstances at school, the other boy AND he would have been suspended. ANY contact is grounds for punishment.

We've told him that if puts his hands on someone else at school in self defense or in defense of someone weaker who is being hit, we'll support him even if it means suspension. Sometimes doing the right thing carries unjust penalties, but you still gotta do them.

He is definitely a carnivore. See this article:

SouthLakesMom said...
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Nessa said...

Your son diversified. This was a topic over at Anthony North's place

Beings must find ways to adapt or they become extinct. The other boy needs to learn the lesson of not killing the messenger, otherwise he will be doomed to extinction, too.

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Anonymous said...

My first thought is where were any teachers or adults during this when the first smack happened? It's hard to tell your son not hit back. Words are more powerful. However, in light of other kids being around, just talking doesn't cut it and no one, boys especially, wants to look like a sissy so we all decide to take the ultimate revenge and hit back if someone hits us. Do unto others.... Definitely a carnivore