Saturday, April 24, 2010

Anachronistic Thought

Yesterday I was sitting at the cashier stand at our Huge Semi Annual Used Book Sale and a pre-teen stopped and asked, "where are the water fountains?" I pointed down the hall and said, "go down the hall, they're right next to the telephones."  Then I looked at Margaret, who was sitting with me (who is older than I) and asked, "do you think she'll even recognize those as phones?"

I pulled out my tiny cell phone and mused about pay phones of the future. If they're going to be as tiny as my cell phone, where will you put the quarters?

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Anonymous said...

Will dimes even fit? LOL So true. I've thought about that several times and can honestly say phone booths are quickly become a thing of the past. It makes one wonder what else is in store for us. :)