Saturday, April 3, 2010

Feeling Trapped

Our house has a single car carport, and a single lane driveway. The vast majority of the time, since I am home more, I am the one in the carport. When my husband pulls in behind  me with groceries or other things to unload, I'm okay with it. But at other times, the minute he pulls in behind my car and parks, rather than parking at the top of the driveway, I have a visceral response of irritation. I may still be in my pajamas, and not even planning to go anywhere, but I'm immediately irked.  I think the underlying issue is that in order to go anywhere, I now have to ask him to move his car. This feels a lot like having to ask permission to go someplace, something I chafed at as a child and apparently I've not learned much!

It's similar to the feeling I get when our electricity is out. Immediately, I can think only of things we would do if we only had electricity. Noble, worthy things like laundry! (Virtuous insistence, of course)

How about when our internet connection is out? All of a sudden I can think of many GREAT blog ideas.
When the water is shut off for plumbing issues, in addition to feeling virtuous about wanting to do laundry, I add virtuous washing dishes.

The irony is that in the hours and hours that I do have unfettered egress, or electricity or internet, I tend to not use it wisely.

Still, all I want for Mother's Day is a parking space for the other car that isn't directly behind mine. Or a more perfect application of the peace that passes understanding.


Susan at Stony River said...

Funny how things that are so small on the surface of our lives can have long roots that tap into our deepest fears and issues. I hope you get your parking space - and your peace!

Happy Easter meanwhile!

Anonymous said...

I'm having a hard time with this one actually. I just didn't think something like that would be irritating. And if it is the solution to me seems simple...add another space. Yes it's going to cost money but if it is that annoying it seems to be worth it. Or why doesn't your husband park under the carport and you behind him? When our electricity is out it's very annoying but thank goodness for my iPhone. I'm not ever without the internet. :) Happy Easter

quilly said...

LOL! I'm praying for the peace part - -and clean laundry.

Thena said...

Hopefully you will get your parking space soon.
In the meantime....Have a blessed Easter!!!!

SouthLakesMom said...

Susan, I'll settle for the peace! Once he and the girl went to the city for the day, I got out to the store and was relieved...

Thom -- you don't have a wife and you're not a girl, so you probably don't get this. But, we can't just pop out to add space either. First our HOA requires jumping through a lot of hoops. Second, our property line there only extends another 5 feet -- not enough room to do anything really useful. I just need to suck it up. ;-)

Q -- yes, the peace. and the laundry. the eternal laundry. I'm pretty sure that heaven requires NO LAUNDRY but I'm a little worried about just who DOES keep all those angel robes clean?

Thena, thanks! You too!

Anonymous said...

I get this in its entirety. Yesterday my husband was working on the light fixtures & wiring, so the power had to be out -- unfortunately, he did not warn me and I was trying to write a blog post. It took effort on my part to take it as a gift to use my time differently.
Until you get another parking spot for the other car, I hope you keep a set of keys to your husband's car, along with that peace that passes understanding.

Have you been to see the cherry blossoms? We were out of town all week and came home with no reserve energy to submerse ourselves into more crowds of people.