Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely Plant

Is it a bit ironic that some of the loveliest things that occur in nature are also the most lethal or irritating to people? Let's talk about volcanoes.  They're terrifying if you're in their zone. If you haven't seen the before and after photos of Mount St. Helens, you should.

But on a more mundane level is poison ivy. It is a lovely plant, especially when newly seeded in your 'edge of forest' garden.  In fact, you might think it is a harmless weed as you are working hard to pull out the non-native invasive species. You know, the one that NEVER did you ANY HARM personally?

Yep, I've got a good case of poison ivy.  It really is a lovely plant. In the spring the new leaves are such a light green with a delicate look, drooping a little in the heat of the day as if a bit shy of the bright sunshine. In the fall its leaves are golden and red -- seriously one of the more beautiful wild garden plants.

I have it on my arms and just a wee bit on my upper leg (the day I stupidly wore shorts). I didn't even SEE it there because it was so pretty. It just mixed so well with the invaders.

And I think that's my point. I'd rather keep the invaders who don't exude toxins than open up space for the noxious AMERICAN weeds to flourish.

While I consider my approach (long sleeves, long pants, and boots), I'll go get an Aveeno bath.  Itch.  Ouch.


quilly said...

Oh dear! My condolences. I hope you are feeling less itchy soon!

Mary said...

I'm such a "non-gardener" that I can't even identify poison ivy! Hope the aveeno helps!

Anonymous said...

Ouch you poor thing. I've never seen it before. Tis pretty but nasty. Is it like a cold and you just have to ride it out or can you put medicine on it to get rid of it faster? Are you contagious? Hope it goes away soon.

Larry said...

poison Ivy grows as a wild weed it is here in Oregon I know what it is as soon as i see it I'm very watchful for it when I venture out into the wooded hillsides and when I'm picking blackberries if yiou don't watch for it it will get you. it even gets you if you burn it the smoke from the plant when you breath it infects your inside believe it or not I was very sick one summer when I cleared a field and then decided to burn it.

I loved your comment you left when you visited this morning and I appreciate it thanks for stopping by.. Larry

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