Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random Dozen

Linda at 2nd Cup asks us serious and silly questions and we answer from whatever perspective we have at that moment. Sometimes the "before coffee" answer is better than the later one for me, so here goes!

1. Have you ever been so lost that you were really afraid?
Only once. I had just moved back to the U.S. from Europe and got lost in the Ward 8 area of Washington, D.C., driving my shiny white BMW 325i. Earlier that summer there had been a random shooting on the freeway so I was a bit . . . concerned!  Never was I so happy as to see the front gate of a military base as Bolling AFB. Later I worked at Bolling and drove that area every day and got a little more perspective on the whole situation.
2. Have you ever been to an island?

Sure, as a kid we lived in Okinawa and Japan, and visited all over the Pacific, where many of the countries are islands. I've also been to the Outer Banks islands off the North Carolina Coast, and to islands in Canada, and  . . . well, you get the idea.
3. Are you more of a thinker or feeler?
Yes. Depends on where I am spiritually.
4. Do you tend to see issues or situations in life as black and white or shades of gray?
I tend towards legalism (big surprise - I'm a lawyer) so I have to fight the urge to see everything starkly. Again, like question #3, it depends on where I am spiritually. If I'm letting God take the lead, I tend to see the other side much more easily.
5. If you were stuck on an island, what book would you hope to have with you (Let's pretend the Bible is already there, so you can't say that.) 

I'm tempted to say my favorite (To Kill a Mockingbird) but I'm afraid if it's the only book I had I would start to hate it. So . . . I'd take the book that Bastian reads in "The Neverending Story." At least I wouldn't be bored.
6. What are you most afraid of?

I don't spend much time being afraid of things because I know fear is not of the Lord. But sometimes I'm afraid that I'm not being a very good living testimony to people who don't know the Lord.
7. Would you rather lose all of your old memories or never be able to make new ones? I have no idea how to answer this question.
8. Pretend I'm looking at a scrapbook page about you. There are three spaces for you to drop in individual pictures. What are those pictures of, and why did you select them?
Kindergarten Princess - the time in my life where everything was uncomplicated

Me with the kids - the time in my life where what I did/do mattered most
Me after the marathon - the time in my life where I knew I could do hard things.
9. If you were re-doing your wedding, what would you do differently? (If you're single, tell me one thing you would do if you were planning a wedding OR huge party.)
We went to Copenhagen and had no family there but us. I'm not sure I'd change that -- I would have liked my mom to be there but that would have meant all the other relatives would have felt slighted.
10. Tell me one thing you know/believe about forgiveness.
Without the power of the Holy Spirit working within me, it is impossible for me to forgive people. I'm just too selfish.
11. You're waiting in a doctor's office. What is your favorite way to pass that time?
Doodle jump on my iTouch. A totally addicting game that my son loaded on for me. Now he checks my scores to make sure he's still ahead...the rat.
12. If there were a clone of you in a parallel universe what is one way you hope she/he would be the same as you and one way you hope she/he would be better?

If she was a clone she'd be exactly the same, so no point in hoping anything different. But, if that were possible, I'd hope that she was more compassionate and less selfish.


sara said...

Great answers!

I love your 3 pictures answer!

and I'm with you, without the HS working in my I can not possibly forgive the way I should!

Kathy said...

I enjoyed reading your answers. My husband was stationed on Okinawa from 1970-1972--just prior to getting out of the army. Have a great day!

SusanD said...

These are great answers. The Never Ending Story is a wonderful book. It's so fun to see the different directions people take with the questions. Thanks for sharing. Blessings, SusanD

Melli said...

LOVE your answer to #6 - I can totally relate to it! Wish I'd thought of it!

Mary said...

#7 was a hard one to answer, wasn't it? I love to talk to people who have been all over the world...I don't get out much!

Just Breathe said...

You have certainly seen the world. I know that #7 is a hard one. But do you live in the past or want to live in the future? I went to check out the Doodle jump, looks like fun. I have not read The Neverending Story but I loved the movie.

Mocha with Linda said...

Such interesting answers. And I'll have to check out Doodle Jump!

Sweet Tea said...

Love your answer to #8.

quilly said...

#6 -- you know what, that should have been my answer. My most persistent fear is that the testimony of my life contradictions the testimony of my tongue.

Nel said...

What fun answers! I like your answer to #3. I am with you on #6. Enjoyed all of your ansers.

until next time... nel

Brigid said...

Thanks for the comment on my post. I enjoyed your answers, too! I have a friend teaching in Okinawa now, and he loves it there.

I hope if you checked out my Etsy, you weren't too disappointed. I haven't updated in a while. I need to get on that.