Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quintessentially Quilly

All of you who know Quilly know she is a person of strong passions and has a HUGE depth of love in her heart. She's also ferociously harder on herself than anyone else could ever be ... and that plays into this story.

I won a guessing contest on her blog in December, and the prize didn't come. But I had received a nice prize from her for the 12 days of Christmas contest she did with Thom so I thought perhaps things had gotten mixed up -- or I had (entirely possible in my life). After all, it was the holiday season.

I wrote a note to thank her for the book in the 12 days packet, and said the bangles had been lost in the mail (in case she had a tracking number), but it was no big deal; I just appreciated her friendship. She e-mailed me immediately and apologized profusely. In the big clean-up for the party they had (see her blog), they'd been tucked away.

So yesterday evening in the cold and dark, we picked up the mail at the top of the driveway and inside was a package containing the bangles and other goodies!  A book (Caroline's Choice) and some Avon samples which my daughter (who is very upset with what the dryness is doing to her hair) immediately grabbed.

Trust Quilly  to be above and beyond making things right.  The moral of the story is:

1.  VISIT her blog!
2.  PLAY her contests


Jingle said...


have fun!

quilly said...

What a sweet post. If folks visit my blog now all they will see is me whining about being sick. Although, if they scroll down a bit they can listen to a video of Amoeba playing his trumpet with the One More Time Band.

DM said...

I have known Quilly for years. We went to college together. She is probably one of my closest friends, even if we haven't seen each other in many years. I totally agree with you in your description of Quilly. She has a very big heart filled with love, kindness, and compassion.