Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Beagle?

When my kids were little we'd pull out a videotape (yeah, back then) for every holiday.  I loved the Charlie Brown Christmas special because Linus got to share the real point of the season.

For Easter we also had a Charlie Brown tape -- but it was all about the eggs and the bunny and spring and somehow, it just seems hollow these days.

The most important day of the Christian calendar is NOT Christmas. It is tomorrow. The world calls it Easter, but it's Resurrection Sunday. Because if there's no resurrection, there's no point at all.

Sure, the eggs and spring are symbols of rebirth. And cultures have celebrated the earth re-awakening after the winter for many thousands of years. But the world around us is NOT celebrating the glorious news that Jesus is ALIVE.  They're missing the point!  Death could not hold Him.

He willingly gave His life as atonement for my sin.  Your sin.  The whole world's sin.  Whether or not those people He gave his life for wanted Him or NOT...

I know there are people in your life who you love very much. But would you sacrifice them?  If you're a parent, would you sacrifice your child so that another might live?  Of course not!

But God did. Do you realize how loving, generous and amazing that is?

Then how can you continue to spurn Him? How can you continue to look in the face of the Creator (you can see Him all around you) and say, "I do not want you?"

There's no gimmick. No special way of praying.  No putting in money or joining a particular church. No new way of dressing or rules about what you eat.  Just accepting.

He Died For You.

Is that not enough?


The Bug said...

Well said. I was just telling Mike today that I have less trouble with Santa Claus (after all there WAS a Saint Nicholas) than I do with the Easter Bunny. Even though today's post was full of Easter Bunnies. It just seems weird & wrong.

quilly said...

Love this post. Without Easter -- Resurrection Sunday -- there would be no reason to celebrate Christmas. Christ's death and resurrection bought our eternal salvation. Not the Easter Bunny.