Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Muffed Target

I missed it last week.  I didn't realize it was Tuesday or that the meme was back.  I'm so glad Thom is "live" once more!  Resurrection is good for you, Thom!

So, here's the deal.  We all have horrible photos. Here's your chance to wallow in humility. Show us what you're made of. Because the chances are, we've done that SAME STUPID THING with our cameras, and you'll make us feel better.  That's right, you show us yours, we'll show you ours.

Comment if you want, post a muffed target on your own blog, and then go link up with Thom. Easy-peasy.

There are so many things wrong with this photo, it's easy to criticize!  The finger in the corner?  The lighting, or lack thereof?  Ai-yi-yi.  At least it's not like the old days when I would have had to print the photos to see how bad it was!


Now go play!


Anonymous said...

BWAHAHAHAHA I don't even know what to say here except for I've done that many times. Perfect. Mahalo for playing :)

Anonymous said...

PS I linked your post :)

quilly said...

Oh! I take these all the time. I usually don't even save them long enough to download them. I have one I wished I had kept because it was my sister's body and my thumb for her head. It would have made a great MT.