Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Spring Break - Day 2

Spent the morning at the car dealership.  Supposed to be a minor maintenance check, and in the end, the cost WAS minor.  It just took a REALLY.LONG.TIME.  They have an appointment system, but their bosses tell them they cannot turn work away. So jerks who just stop by to get something done get squeezed in, which makes those of us who made an appointment have to wait longer.

However, their 'after action' surveys punish the service representative if you say anything that can be remotely construed as negative. And I like my service rep.  He's been taking care of my car since I bought it -- and he's always in the hot seat to get folks in and out of there, and has to take the heat when they don't like the news or the bill, or...

At any rate, I'm home now, and here's my MUFFED TARGET photo for the week.  Thanks Thom for hosting this!

We were trying to show the features of one of the pop-up books we had for sale during the Used Book Sale, but I had already taken about 30 photos of really expensive books and didn't want to take the time to set up a good shot of a $6 book!  Laziness = bad photos.

But, the book sold anyway.  So there.

Thom said this photo wasn't awful enough.  So here's another to prove that I can be underwhelmingly bad at photography!


Anonymous said...

Car dealerships are disgusting at best for anything LOL Okay this must be me because I'm having a real hard time seeing what is muffed in this photo. I'm thinking I would be proud to have a photo such as this. Granted it's blurry in the back but I think that makes the subject stand out even more. You sure this is muffed? LOL Thanks for playing. Much appreciated.

SouthLakesMom said...

Thom, you're too kind. It's cluttered, and I didn't take the time to put it in a nice setting, etc. Adding another though so you can REALLY see my mess-ups!

quilly said...

Thom knows nothing of photo composition. He's a point and shoot kind of guy. Really, Kelley, your first photo was as bad as you thought it was ... ;)