Monday, April 18, 2011

My Spring Break - Day 1

I put up the painters' tape last night, and then went to the gym this morning.  The gym happens to be near the Home Depot.  I had picked out the color yesterday.

When I opened the can at home I was really nervous.  It was VERY bright green. But it has dried beautifully!

Yes, I need to steam the curtains, and perhaps hem them -- and there are some shelves coming, but this is the paint job.  Just so you know, the color was "bone" before.

You'd think, looking at this, that those are doors.  Nope, windows.  I'd love to change them out for doors, but then we'd have to put steps out there, which means some kind of porch, which means construction which requires permits from our HOA and sometimes, it's easier to just deal with what is rather than jump through a bunch of hoops!

If you can't really see the color, click on the photo.

Next, gotta do something about that light fixture...Any suggestions?


Pat said...

Your dining room looks bee-yoo-tee-ful! Nice work.

I hear you about the HOA rules--a hassle!

Mary said...

Looks great!

JillAileenJones said...

Looks so nice! You could get those little shades for the light-I had those on mine at my last house and I also took it down and painted the fixture so it wasn't brass anymore-it changed the whole look of it.
I love the color on the wall.

quilly said...

I briefly lived in a subdivision ruled by an HOA -- hope to never do so again.

The Bug said...

It looks great! I am decorating-challenged so I won't try to offer advice about the fixture :) Although I kind of like the idea of painting the brass.

SouthLakesMom said...

Pat, thanks! The HOA rules keep my property value up, so I'm not TOO upset about them. But they are occasionally a pain in the rear.

Mary, thanks!

Jill, what color did you paint the brass? Thanks for the ideas!

Quilly, as a property owner, I don't mind the rules because they keep everyone's property value up. They're just a pain to deal with sometimes. As a renter, I hated them.

Dana, what color would you paint the brass?