Friday, April 29, 2011

Perfect Riding Weather

I was to meet a friend for lunch at Silver Diner at 11, so I got on the bike at 9:30 -- just to be safe.  What a perfect day for a ride.  It is just cool enough to be comfortable in bike shorts with a windbreaker jacket. My ears were even a little bit cold when I had some downhill speed!

It was 4.1 miles there and 4.1 miles back, and I had a salad with salmon.  But will my daughter give me any Easter candy?  Ha ha

Here are some photos of the ride.

My neighbor's azaleas -- the photo does not do them justice!

This tree was HUGE

Doesn't that look like an invitation to another world?

Irises at Silver Diner



quilly said...

Kellie --

1.) I love the flowers on your header.

2.) I wish our weather was warm enough for shorts.

3.) I love the pics from your bike route.

4.) May I use that close up photo of the log with May's Quilldancing writing prompt?

Larry said...

I love the new header. I thought the the cut end of the log looked interesting, and yes it looks like an invitation to another world. When you think about it think of the insects that live there and what it would be like to view their troubles against ours. You always have such interesting posts it's why I visit so often.

thanks For being You and thanks for reading too.

The Bug said...

With the gas prices I keep thinking I should get a bike. There are a couple of problems with that idea though - 1. hip surgery looms; 2. I work 40 miles from my home - I think it will be QUITE some time before I can bike that far! So it's a pipe dream for me right now. But I love that you bike so much!

Ooh - I hope you let Quilly use that picture for a prompt - I can't wait to see what you would write about it (& I'd probably actually visit the other participants too).

Mary said...

Looks like you had a good ride! After that, you deserve at least one piece of Easter candy! :D