Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ah, NOW I see

I hope that will be the result of my eye exam today.  I've been noticing an increasing frustration with my visual acuity, especially at night. I do know some change is normal with age, but I have also been feeling like my eye doctor just wasn't HEARING me.

For years I just wanted to "get it over with" because having to go to the eye doctor was the equivalent of admitting something was wrong with me. When I was a kid, somehow I developed the idea that having bad vision or bad teeth meant I was a bad person. Don't ask me where it came from - no clue. But I always wanted to "cheat' the eye chart.  Not anymore. Now I just want to be able to SEE!

I hate that the fully qualified medical doctor does the exam and writes a prescription but then to fill it, I'm at the mercy of a technician who really doesn't know anything about vision to evaluate whether the new glasses are 'correct'. And the only way to find out whether they are correct or best fit is to go BACK to the doctor to have her check them.

At any rate, I want to change my opthamologist, but to do so, I have to have an optometrist appointment to get a referral. Jumping through hoops -- and having to see 2 doctors instead of one. How is that saving money on health care? And the cost of glasses?  Yikes!

Actually, at this point, I wouldn't mind paying an arm and a leg for glasses if they would answer the vision issue. It's when they don't, that I am outraged at the cost and hassle.

Perhaps I need to spend some time praying for the doctor before I go to the appointment today.  For her sake and mine.


The Bug said...

I got my first pair of glasses in the 4th grade, so I understand where you're coming from! Now I'm at the stage where my far vision is ok (thanks to lasik surgery), but I need glasses to read. Sigh.

Good luck!

Jill Moore said...

I've had several issues with my "new glasses" and was actually quite afraid that I would not pass my eye exam for my driver's license renewal last week - but I passed!
I know I'll be back for a recheck of one eye because it is just quite correct - and that is sometimes hard to explain.