Thursday, February 21, 2013

Growing Up

My bicycling is moving to a whole new level.

No, I'm not buying a new bike.
No, I'm not going a whole lot faster or further.
No, I'm not getting those really cool lights for night riding (because I don't want to ride at night!)

But, it's time to move past the "wear whatever as long as it has padding" category.  And why?

Because women's cycling clothes are getting really COOL...

These clothes are made by a mother/daughter team in Dublin, Ireland. We are lucky enough to be the ones who get to man their table at the Women's Bike Summit in Washington, DC on March 4. The Georgia in Dublin line is an answer to those who say "why can't my riding gear that protects me from the weather also be fashionable?"

My daughter will be holding the fort, and she's cute enough to model this stuff with panache!

This rain skirt is a wrap-around with velcro.

This jacket expands to go over your layers, including a backpack!

and my favorite -- Leggitts.  These are so cool!

1 comment:

The Bug said...

Ooh those ARE cool. Maybe I really will start riding a bike if I can buy cute clothes to wear. Heh.