Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two More Errands

One of the rules of the errandonnee is that if you don't get a photo of your errand, you need to verify it some other way. And they said be creative.

So for one of my errands on 2/9 to a PTSA Scholarship Committee meeting, here is the handout from the meeting.  It was held at someone's home so the photo would not really have shown that!

And for one of my errands on 2/12 that I forgot to photograph, my dear friend Sarah penned this "note from NOT my mom..."

I verify without notary that Kelley Westenhoff limped into  Panera at Fairfax Towne Center after falling off her bike enroute for our lunch meeting on Tues 2/12

I didn't exactly fall off ... more like fell over, but whatever. It was suitably dramatic and Sarah, being a nurse, was duly sympathetic enough. Catching up with her was so enjoyable that after the lunch, revived immeasurably, I biked home without problem.

So I hope those count!


Melissa N said...

That note is fantastic (well, not fantastic that you fell).

The Bug said...

Yep, I love the note too :)