Friday, February 15, 2013

Another Errand DOWN!

Another errand bites the dust today.

I had to go tutor (which for the errandonnee counts as work) and I debated fiercely this morning about whether I REALLY wanted to ride three towns over to do it. It was cold when I started out and it took me about 2 miles just to get a rhythm going. But I finally did and felt incredibly virtuous when I got there, tutored, then stayed and had coffee with a different friend.

It was a pretty cool ride, actually. I left my house in Reston (south of the tollroad), worked my way over to Herndon, caught up with the W&OD trail and road straight out just past the Rt. 28 car park. There I headed south towards Wegmans. When I got there I was desperate for a banana and all they had out were green. I begged the produce man and he told the guys who were chopping fresh fruit for the cups to sell me one. Best .21 I've spent in a long time!

All of a sudden I realized I'd been there for HOURS so I packed up to head home. I needed to get back before my husband/son left on a ski trip.  On the ride back, the day had become beautifully sunshine-y so there were a lot more cyclists out. I saw lots of wide "life is good" grins.

So here's the photo from getting ready to tutor. We meet at the Wegman's in Ashburn in case you're trying to figure the photo out!

Folders for tutoring on top of book. Essential coffee!

Tonight I'm headed to the high school to work concessions at the Basketball tournament. That will satisfy one of my night errands. Tomorrow evening I'll do another and then on Sunday I'll post them ALL!

This is so fun.

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