Friday, February 15, 2013

Night Moves

A personal first!  I rode at night!  This was the first of my 2 night errandonnee ventures. When I left to go to the high school to work the concession stand for a basketball tournament, it wasn't dark yet. However, the minute I started riding, it started raining. When I arrived at the high school (3.5 miles), I looked back to the west -- blue sky. I looked ahead to the east -- blue sky.  SIGH.

I took my bike inside because a bunch of kids, rival teams, Friday night -- I didn't want to leave it outside, even locked. That caused a few raised eyebrows but I just smiled and waved.

At 7:30 my shift was over so I headed out, stopping to take a photo of my lights (a requirement) before I got on the bike. You can't really see my rear red flasher, and the light on my helmet is pointed down. I also have a light on my backpack, but that was on my back.

And it was starting to rain again.  The first part was on the road, and there was enough ambient light from the neighborhoods to see pretty well. Once I turned off the road and onto the path it was pitch dark, but I know those paths pretty well, so I made it home no problem. By the time I was turning into my neighborhood, the rain was turning to snow.

So tonight  -- rain, sleet, snow, but a safe ride.


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