Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Today I drove to Arlington in order to ride with a new group of women.  I could have ridden my bike to ride with them, but that would have been about 14 miles, and the ride we were doing was about 16, and then it would have been 14 home, so I wimped out.  This time.

The ride was AWESOME.  We rode along the George Washington Parkway which runs along the Potomac River. The sky was blue, the monuments looked freshly washed after all the rain we had last night -- in short, a GORGEOUS day.  Photos?  Well, I didn't want to ask them to stop.  Next time.

We had lunch in Shirlington at a place called Busboys & Poets.  It's named for Langston Hughes.  It was pretty good food but the atmosphere was okay -- didn't seem overly clean.

But at any rate, I met some bike friends, and look forward to riding with them again next week! The group is called Babes On Bikes, thus the title of this post.

I promise, next time I'll take photos.

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Rootchopper said...

Ah, so now you know about my bike commute. That view of the monuments never gets old.
I also like Busboys and Poets. It's better at night, I think.