Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And Round 3 to come

Went back to the cataract specialist today.  He was able to clearly explain the options and risks.  Before we go ahead, since I am very severely myopic in my left eye, he wants to do a full glaucoma work up. That will be in September and then in October we'll go forward with the surgery.  Left eye, then 2 weeks and then right eye.  Unfortunately, I have two rides scheduled in October --the first the Columbus Day weekend. I've paid for the entry and the hotel the night before, so I think I'll ask him if we can do it after that one.  That means I probably won't be able to ride in the Great Pumpkin Ride like last year.  That one has the most AWESOME pumpkin soup at the first pit stop.  Sigh.  Maybe if I volunteer to help they'll let me snag some.

Here are some pretty roses from yesterday's ride:

Entrance to the garden. It's a mosaic and stained glass creation.

This looks yellow, but it was more peachy colored than this photo shows.

A red and white -- those aren't sun spots!

And finally, we're told that when something good happens, or we exercise, our brain releases endorphins which helps us enjoy the pleasure of the experience even more, and has a calming effect.

Conversely, we're told that near misses and scary things produce adrenalin, which revs us up, allowing us to fight or flight.

So which experiences do we remember more of and better? I'm asking because for all of the kind and friendly drivers I experience when I'm biking, it's the jerks that I remember best. I think the same is true for them -- for all the bicyclists they see who are being law abiding commuters, it's the one that runs the red light that they remember.

I'm sure there's some psycho/social study that could be made of this phenomena.

Do you remember the details of awful things better than wonderful things?


Mary Cooper said...

I'm assuming you're going to have a transplant. My sister had one, and she has perfect vision in that eye. (Her eyes are as bad as mine...which is really bad.) She had a torn cornea that turned into a cataract. I asked my eye dr. about lasik, and he said I was a candidate, but if I waited I'd get a cataract, and then they would do a transplant. I have one, but I'm just waiting for it to get bad enough to complain!

The Bug said...

I was thinking well darn she has to wait so long! But, um, October is just a little over a month away. Ha!

Love the roses :)

That is interesting to think about - we really do remember the bad stuff more. And I'll bet it does have to do with endorphins. Fascinating!