Friday, August 23, 2013

Important Things

I decided to not ride this morning since daughter was going with me to my meeting in Ashburn, and I didn't think she would hold up for 20 miles round trip. Well, not without a lot of whining that I didn't want to hear.  Good decision because it was pouring rain when we finished!

We're having a bit of controversy with one of the groups I'm involved with, and I was reminded, when I got home, that so many of the details we fret over just aren't that important in the big picture.

This is:

Have a thankful weekend.

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The Bug said...

I've been listening to the Jack Reacher books (the author's style is annoying, but darn it I like Reacher). The last book I read (Trip Wire) was centered around a Vietnam MIA. In part of the book they're bringing home remains of 7 soldiers & the way he wrote about the solemn ceremony involved during every step of the journey was VERY touching.