Friday, August 2, 2013

The Very Long Road Home

Went out to the Maryland shore for a bike ride on Wednesday with the Babes on Bikes. This is a group I ride with most Wednesdays.  The whole trip was a series unfortunate adventures. Examples:
1.  Three of the ladies driving together got lost, so were running very late.
2.  Our leader couldn't get her bike unlocked when we got ready to ride. Had to find a nice man from the visitors center who had bolt cutters.
3.  About 20 miles in (it was supposed to be about 22 miles), our leader misread the cue sheet and we turned RIGHT instead of LEFT.
4.  After we finally turned back, one of our members had an accident.

But, on the other hand, the weather was glorious, the butterflies were plentiful and beautiful, Nancy wasn't badly hurt, and the extra 10 miles didn't kill me.  Only 3 of us completed the entire ride (out of 9) so felt pretty good being one of the 3.

So here's our motley crew trying to get started. The guy in blue behind the pole is cutting the lock. Our fearless leader is in pink.

I figured with 4 or 5 women over there he didn't need me to add supervision!

The town we were in, North Beach, is lovely. They have a wonderful, dedicated bike path (which was not part of our ride ironically enough) and a quaint downtown area. It's very small so I imagine on weekends, it's packed with tourists. For a Wednesday morning though, it was perfect.

In the end, I rode about 35 miles. Much of it was hilly. I earned the Mexican food we had afterwards, and drove home feeling like I had really accomplished something!

No riding yesterday -- shopping with my daughter instead. Today, the weather doesn't look too good, but we'll see later. On Sunday my friend in pink from above and I are doing a 36 mile ride in Prince William County. I'm in charge of the cue sheets.

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The Bug said...

Sounds like a great day - and a lot like the road trips I take with Mike (except we're in a car, obviously - ha!).

Yesterday while I was at work I kept wishing I was up to riding on the bike path already - it was such a nice day. But I'm still only going about 2 miles every day so I'm not sure it's worth the bother of loading up the bike & heading over. It won't be too much longer before I try it though!