Saturday, August 31, 2013

Energy Drinks?

I went for a long ride today. It was all on our trail, so very familiar terrain and nice weather.  It did start to get a bit hot towards the end.

At any rate, at 25 miles I just bonked. No, not a crash, but an energy crash. Unfortunately, I had 5 miles more to go to get home. I started getting chills, my stomach was queasy, and my muscles were shaky. I stopped in the shade and watered up --which I had been doing all along -- and ate half a KIND bar.

I also started noticing a visual anomaly, one of those jagged lines that occurs with migraines. No headache, but definitely distracting.

I slowly did about 2 more miles and pulled into one of our local bike shops that also has a coffee bar. After a caffeine infusion I slowly finished the last 3.

Brutal.  Now -- I'm supposed to ride in a long event next Saturday. What should I have in my bottle instead of plain water to restore whatever I'm depleting.  Any ideas?

Wildlife observed today:  lots of fuzzy white caterpillars, a chipmunk, and scads of young kids on bikes.

Accidents observed: two -- both because cyclists were going too fast for trail conditions.

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The Bug said...

Scary! I don't have any advice for you though... But probably something to restore your electrolytes?