Monday, August 12, 2013

Quick Twenty or So

Went out early-ish this morning to get in about 20 miles.  I haven't ridden since last Wednesday with the Babes because the exchange students took up a lot of time!

Last night we went out to dinner with a couple we knew back when I was pregnant with our now 19 year old!  We had seen the husband but not the wife.  He is a very smart, interesting guy with a range of experience that rivals my husband's.  I was eager to hear what he had been up to.

Unfortunately, his wife is one of those women who, as soon as the guys start talking about anything interesting, tries to have a side conversation about inane stuff.  I had already looked at their daughter's wedding photos, and their son's most recent photos and caught up on the social stuff.  I was DONE, but she kept pulling me off to talk about stuff that I just don't care about.

I think that's one of my pet peeves -- and I see women do it far more than men -- starting side conversations when someone else at the same table is talking.  This wasn't an 8 foot table. It was in a booth with the 4 of us.

My husband NEVER says bad things about people, even if he's thinking it.  When we got in our car and headed home I told him the mom had said her daughter had been a bridezilla B&tch.  He said, "I'm not surprised. She has always had her dad wrapped around her finger. And how could she be otherwise with the example her mom sets?"  Ouch, very harsh words from him, indeed.

Then I got irked at him because I hadn't wanted to go to dinner with them and he practically BEGGED me and then I didn't get to listen to the important part of the conversation!  After a while I realized he had wanted me there so they COULD have a conversation. That rat knew I was going to get pulled off to the side! Grrrr.

In other news, yesterday was our Senior Pastor's last day.  He has decided to leave the ministry for a season and move to somewhere else so he can prioritize his family. It was very abrupt because his kids need to start school in their new location but it leaves the church in a bit of an upset!

So...I have a good excuse for not posting lately and a good reason to go 20 miles this morning!

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The Bug said...

I was wondering where you were!

I hate the side conversation thing too. And this happens a lot with history wives - the women are so excited to talk about something other than history LOL. But I'm usually more interested in what the guys are talking about. I'm also not all that gracious - I might answer a question & then pointedly turn toward the other conversation.