Monday, August 5, 2013


Sometimes when I'm out on a ride, I experience a sweet, fresh, cool breeze that blows across the trail or road, with no apparent source. It's always a delightful surprise. I call these micro-climates. I guess if I took the time to investigate them, I'd see a natural wind tunnel that runs across a water source or something. But I prefer the mystery, and the surprise.

I woke up this morning thinking about the micro-climates in my house, particularly in my bedroom. Even though it's summer, and my house is kept at about 73, sometimes in the evening when I get in bed I can't get warm. If my feet are cold, I'm cold. So I keep a pair of fuzzy socks that are easy on/easy off nearby.  I also have a second blanket because sometimes I want that weight, if not the extra heat.

But in the morning, the blanket and the fuzzy socks are inevitably on the floor beside the bed, and I wake up overly-warm. When I saw them this morning, I decided that at least in my house, I'm generating my own micro-climate!

Yesterday I rode the Tour of the Towns in Prince William County.  It was their inaugural event. In their favor, I'd say the organizers and support people were very nice and friendly. On the other hand, the suggestions for improvement include:

  • Get the ride OFF Route 1
  • Have more support, clearly designated
  • Better and more visible signage
  • Better and more abundant sponsorship goodies
Betty and I rode 37 miles before it was all over!  Bunny went the shorter (27) and slower route with a newbie who had never ridden an event and who was on a borrowed (heavy) bike, without bike shorts. Ouch. She finished, but ouch.

Right at the beginning of the ride a guy collapsed just ahead of us.  We called 911 and the support wagon. Once we saw he was in good hands, we moved on.  When we finished, they told us the guy refused help, and got back on the bike, determined to finish the 100 miles!  He started WAY late for the 100 (we started late but were only doing 35).  He may still be out there somewhere today!

I'm sort of kicking myself because we didn't get any photos -- but the route wasn't very scenic, so not a whole lot of opportunities to do so. The really scenic part was on the Marine Corps base, but they'd asked us to not take photos while there.  Oh well.

Today is supposed to be lovely, and I have a local route to check out, but I think I'll keep it under 20!


The Bug said...

My current micro climate is volital! I'm usually chilled when I go to bed (no matter the time of year), have a sweatfest somewhere in the middle & then get cold all overy again toward dawn. It's exhausting :)

I road 2.75 miles yesterday & I felt kind of ouch too. I'm trying to push myself to not just do the easy loop. I'm doing MUCH better getting on & off the bike, so I'm stopping at stop signs now - ha! Actually, I don't have to get off the bike to stop - unless there's a car coming.

Wonder if I'll ever bike for real distance? Not on my current bike I don't think...

The Bug said...


The Bug said...

OK, the "overy" typo is making me giggle uncontrollably - I'm going to quit reading now :)

P.S. sheesh - "rode"!