Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Dozen

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee asks, and we answer, provocative questions. It's fun, so join us! Go to her blog to the get the questions, copy them into your blog, answer them, post, and then link back to her and visit others. Simple.

1. Tell me something about your favorite teacher.
I've had many wonderful teachers, but the best was my first grade teacher, Mrs. Murray. My mom says whenever she came into the class for anything, I was sitting in Mrs. Murray's lap reading stories with her. I don't know what the other kids did but they must have hated me!
2. Tell me about one pivotal moment in your life.
When I was pregnant with my 2nd child the doctor's office told me the child was positive for Downs Syndrome and that I needed genetic counseling. I immediately called a friend who I didn't know very well, but whose name and number were the only things I could think of. That friend calmed me and said, let's pray about this right now. I had never prayed on the phone with someone -- thinking that was something 'super-Christians' did and I was just an 'ordinary' Christian. It changed my life, and now when I hear that note of urgency in a friend's voice on the phone, I offer prayer as if it were a cup of coffee. What a powerful way to serve the Lord. (And by the way, the baby was fine!)
3. About favorite colors--a lot of people will ask you what it is, but I want to know why it is. What feeling or memory does it evoke? Blue. It looks good on me, I have blue eyes. Blue skies, blue is cool and soothing. I really like yellow because of the bright, happy aura it projects, but it's not my favorite.
4. What's a sure sign that you're getting older? My mother's voice is coming out of my mouth more and more.
5. Please don't sermonize, but Halloween--is it a yes or no for you? Yes, but not the creepy stuff. I don't concede one single day to the Enemy.
6. What's your favorite musical? Fiddler on the Roof
7. Are you more of a city mouse or country mouse? Country -- although suburbs would be more appropriate
8. Did you know that it is possible, for a small fee, to name a real star after someone? (It's true! Google it!) If someone were to name a star for you, would you appreciate it for its whimsy and romance, or would you say, "Are you kidding me? For $19.95 we could have gone to the movie and actually bought popcorn." We did this for my brother in law years ago....but for me, I don't know. God already knows the stars by name, so I don't figure I need to improve on that.
This question comes from Paula at His Ways Are Not Our Ways.
9. What's the craziest thing you've ever been doing and texted during it? I only thought of this b/c I was about to try to text during my walking video but I didn't. I don't text.

10. "It's not a party unless _______." they serve chocolate.
11. When you're stuck in traffic or a waiting room, what do you do to pass the time? PS: There are no magazines available. Play games on my iTouch.
12. If you weren't yourself, would you be friends with you? Not sure. If I wasn't myself I'd probably be somebody really cool and self-assured and I'd think that I was a bit of a geek.

Happy Tuesday!


Thom said...

Very nice answers :)

Quilldancer said...

#4 -- my GRANDMOTHER'S voice.

#12 -- cracked me up! I wish I had said that!

And I notice that a lot of us don't text. And all this time I thought I was the only dinosaur!

Pam from alertandorientedx4 said...

Have you noticed that those who were geeky as kids tend to pretty much be in charge of the things that matter today. Power to the geeks! Geeks of the world unite!
Thanks so stopping by!

H-Mama said...

Mother's voice & chocolate. Awesome! ;)

Susanne said...

#2 was awesome. So grateful for people that do that.

Yes, I can relate to the mother's voice thing happening, for sure.

Joyce said...

I mentioned my first grade teacher as well...just goes to show those early years can stick with us : )

Oh, #4-I definitely should have had that one on my list!

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your answers. #4 - so true for me too! Scary!

#6 I agree!

#8 Love this answer!

#10 But of course!

Kim said...

Okay, your answer to #11 was perfect! Wish I'd thought of that myself :-) Enjoyed reading your answers. This is my favorite meme ever!

Jewel said...

Yes Fiddler!!
How can your favorite teacher not be the one that let you sit on her lap and made all the other kids sit on the floor! HA! [I didn't mention 1 of the reasons that Dr. P is one of my faves is because I'm pretty sure I'm his too! hehe.]

SouthLakesMom said...

Jewel, I think the other students were at their desks working...but I may be wrong!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Oh, that aging answer is one of the best. If I compiled all of these answers, I would have a stand up routine with jokes written for me!

I enjoyed your other answers, too. Thanks for playing along.

Kay said...

Yes... I hear an old mom voice come out of my mouth sometimes too! LOL

I feel the same way about #12... what would I think of me if I couldn't see inside my head?! LOL

Love this! : )