Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Worth Knowing

I go to Community Bible Study at Christian Fellowship Church in Ashburn, Virginia every Wednesday. It's not my home church, but my home church isn't big enough to host a CBS class. CFC is a BBIIGG church. They have a coffee shop and lunch counter, play area inside, and a bookstore. It's also a very generous church. They bend over backwards and turn inside out to accommodate our class meeting there. They are incredibly faithful stewards with what God has given them.

Today I stopped into the bookstore, The Faithful Source, because my son needs a new Bible. He left his somewhere and it disappeared. We just pray that whoever ended up with really needed one!

At any rate, I found what I wanted and started to pay for it. I got him an "Air Force" Bible (if you know my son, you know why). I commented to the lady that he will love it. She pointed out that they have some $5 service member's Bibles that you can purchase, personalize, and bring back to CFC and they will ship them to the troops serving overseas.
What a cool idea this is! My almost 13 year old son can personalize a Bible on the first few pages by writing an encouraging letter to someone he's never met -- and then we don't have to pay for shipping?

We've participated in a lot of "get stuff for the soldiers" drives. I've even taken the 30 boxes to the post office and paid for the postage. When our troops first went into Iraq and Afghanistan and didn't have any PX facilities, that stuff was essential.

But this is life changing. A blanket or some socks will make a soldier feel better for the moment. The Gospel will change their eternal destinies.

I encourage you to ask your Christian book store whether they're doing something like this. And if not, would they like to participate?



Anonymous said...

How wonderful that they are doing that and you can get that done. :) Very nice :)

Quilldancer said...

What an excellent idea! I bet the bookstore I frequented in Vegas is doing this, but here, I've not found a Christian Books store. I order online.