Friday, October 9, 2009

Unfortunate Selection

Let me say right up front that I DO NOT dislike this President. I AM NOT an Obama-hater. In fact, I pray for all our leaders regularly -- for their health, welfare, and that they will use Godly wisdom to lead our country.

That said, even he must have wondered what on earth the Nobel Prize committee was thinking. He was nominated for the prize when he had been in office less than TWO WEEKS! And even now, less than a year in, he hasn't had TIME to do anything that significantly impacts the cause of world peace. This isn't his fault -- these are grave questions of policy that require time to understand, and then to make decisions upon.

The Nobel Prizes are always politically charged. If you listen to people in the world of the sciences, you hear many accusations of political motivation and favoritism being slung about. I don't know enough about those fields to comment knowledgeably about them. But anytime a bunch of money and prestige is at stake, there will be political maneuvering going on behind the scenes.

Perhaps the Nobel Committees make these selections on purpose hoping to EFFECT a change rather than reward a factual event. With the best intentions, they try to move forward agendas they favor rather than review what has actually occurred.

If that is the case, then regarding our President, they decided that the cause of world peace had been advanced based on campaign promises they heard from him. When he was nominated for the prize, that's all they had to work with. Perhaps they give credit for the additional time he has served in office up to the day they decided to award the prize. And the actual things he has done to merit that are . . . ?

So, I see this as one of two possibilities:

1. The Nobel Committee believes that it is okay to award the prize to someone who hasn't accomplished anything yet but with hope that the person can fulfill promises made during a political campaign. OR, and more sinister

2. The Nobel Committee is trying to direct the U.S.'s National and International policy by hamstringing the President with this award so everyone can be aghast when the responsibilities of his position require him to make choices that do not reflect the Nobel agenda.

Lord, give our President and his advisers Godly wisdom as they move forward in the tasks they must deal with today. Order their day with YOUR agenda and protect their hearts from manipulation by the enemy. We know from Scripture that true peace will not come to the world until your Son returns, so we ask that He return quickly. Amen



Anonymous said...

First there is an award waiting for you on my blog. I wonder what he has done for Peace as well. My thought is that while he wasted our money flying to Copenhagen for the Olympics I wonder if a telephone call was made putting bug in the ear of the committee in Oslo to make him the winner to make up for the waste of our tax paying dollars for the flight he made to Copenhagen. It seems to me that this is just lowered the standards of this award. If he had done something yes I could see it. I think it's your reason 2 myself.

Quilldancer said...

I do not know that I want to guess as to their intentions, but the gifting of this prize does seem a bit premature.