Saturday, December 19, 2009

NOW it looks like Christmas

I couldn't help it - my body woke me up before 6 a.m. I knew the
snow had been falling all night, but this is amazing. And it's not finished yet! I am SO grateful for heat!

Susan at Stony River won the prize for the license plates. The prize is a 2009 White House Historical Association tree ornament. This year's features Grover Cleveland. Do you think someone named Grover could get elected today? I think too much association with Sesame Street's Grover...not exactly a Presidential figure.

Anyway, here is what the ornament looks like. We get one each year for our tree, and also purchase one for my mom's tree. This year she's going to be here with us! She flies in on Tuesday. I'm so happy - she's the BEST!
UPDATE: They'e changed it to a blizzard warning now...even MORE grateful for heat, and electricity, and running water and the internet!


Anonymous said...

WOW...that's plenty of snow I tell ya. I'm glad your mom will be with you. That will be fun. And I'm sure Susan didn't tell you she got all the answers from some pointy eared person. She should be beamed up!!! LOL ENERGIZE!!!!!!!!!!!

Susan at Stony River said...

Thank you--and it's GORGEOUS! You know I'm very much in the mood to start a collection of *American* Christmas ornaments too, so yay!

Thom.... I AM the pointy-eared person! Muahahahah!!

SouthLakesMom said...

Thom, you would NOT want to be a bus driver here today. YIKES!

Susan, that pointy-ear thing might have something to do with the water in Ireland? Ha ha

quilly said...

Congrats, Susan -- and I am so glad that is YOUR snow! None for me, thanks!