Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Kidding!

I understand that the big snowstorm was horribly inconvenient yesterday for many people. Some were stranded traveling. Even the President had to hurry to get home from Copenhagen before it hit (imagine that -- if a US President had been unable to return to the Capital safely because of the weather. Just goes to show us that leader of the Free World isn't jack compared to Creator of the whole World!). And yes, we have another 12+ inches to shovel in our driveway today. That's in addition to the 12+ we shoveled yesterday.

But something very cool has happened. We live on a cul-de-sac with only 11 houses. Our newest neighbors sent out an e-mail yesterday saying "impromptu snow emergency party - come at 7 and bring treats if you want!" Out of the 10 families who were in town, 8 came! There was fun, fellowship, lots of treats and mulled wine. The kids ran around and played. There were are four teens in the neighborhood and they all came and smiled!

So when I read this in the news this morning, I smiled to myself. "With near white-out conditions forcing many residents to stay home and shopping malls shuttered or closing early, the extreme conditions also looked likely to take a bite out of retail sales on "Super Saturday." The major shopping day usually accounts for some 15 billion dollars of all nationwide sales on the last weekend before Christmas."

Perhaps God has a way of getting our attention onto something other than shopping this year. Overspending and shopping without boundaries is part of what got us into this economic mess. shopping the Saturday before Christmas? Perhaps He wants us to reflect on the Glory that He is. Okay God, GOT IT!


Peggy said...

Yes, I think God always has a way to get our attention. This one was sure a beautiful one!
Enjoy yours, we only got a little dusting. That's OK, cause we usually get a lot!

Anonymous said...

I bet someone there got those Chocolate Mint Brownies I'm pining over. But pine no longer, since it's all covered in snow. LOL. What a great way to spend a Saturday. See to me that's the spirit of Christmas if you ask me. How fun that must have been. And you know I thought even a President can't tame Mother Nature...that's a woman for ya :)