Thursday, December 3, 2009

Three Word Thursday

It's time for Three Word Thursday! I almost forgot in my excitement over winning something for a change! Quilly gives us 3 words and we try to make them make sense in a story. The others who play are very inventive and entertaining, so visit them! And play Quilly and Thom's Mele Kalikimaka 12 Days of Christmas Hawaiian Style as well!

Alice swung into the parking lot at the Winn-Dixie and parked. She sprinted to the door, but skidded to a halt inside. Luke was at the cashier stand finishing a purchase. He lifted the case of water he was buying and started toward the door. “Hey, Alice! I was just stocking Brian’s place. He and Liz are coming home this evening, you know. She’s such an aquabib snob and all he has in his refrigerator is beer…” his voice trailed off as he felt the intensity of Alice’s gaze.

“It’s Adam. He’s run off from school after causing a big ruckus. I need to go find him but I need a few supplies first.”

Luke immediately sobered, “okay, let me help you with the list.”

Alice replied, “No, I’ll get it – if you want to go with me, put that stuff in your car. Oh, here are my keys. I need gas – will you fill it while I grab these things?” He caught the keys, nodded and took off for the parking lot.

Alice whirred through the supermarket getting the seven items. The entire time she fumed under her breath, “that stupid ficulnean man. I can’t believe he’s done this. Why the God of the universe allows some people to reproduce in beyond me!” Alice stopped when she noticed the startled look on the young stocker’s face. He was only about 13 and at the age where his face resembled brochity encased in steel. The poor kid’s face wasn’t only startled, but bright red. She thought back over her rant and realized the whole idea of breeding was probably embarrassing when overheard by a young teen. She flashed him her most brilliant smile, muttered “sorry” and sprinted to the check out.

Back in the car she went over the list with Luke. “Aluminum foil, lemons, yogurt, cornmeal, batteries, sippy cup, and cranapple juice” she barked out. Luke replied, “Check” for each one, desperately trying to figure out the connection in his head, but totally intimidated by this side of Alice he’d not seen for a very long time. The dogs looked on, amused expressions on their big faces.

“Okay,” she said and started the car. As they hit the highway Luke ventured a question. “Um…Alice? Just where are we going?” he asked. “Troy!” she snapped and down-shifted to pass a slow moving truck. Luke sat back in his seat figuring it was dangerous to ask anything else for a while.


Dr.John said...

Now I have to wqait until next week. You do such a good job that I keep wanting more.

Fandango said...

we were hoping to see the kids this week but now we have to wait another. You are a master of draging the story out. You did a great job with the words.

Susan at Stony River said...

Poor Luke! Or poor Alice... And good luck to them both passing the truck----I don't like leaving the story at such a moment...
it could mean:
dunh dunh, DUNH!!!

(I'll have my fingers crossed 'til next Thursday, so don't forget again and leave me this way!)

quilly said...

I'm just as perplexed as Luke -- and I'm hanging on tight for the ride!

Nessa said...

My goodness. Such tension.

Flash 55 - Love

Thom said...

Sorry my friend that it took me so long to get to this. I certainly hope that this isn't going to end the way it seems like it "might" You are writing such a wonderful mystery here and I want to see it all the way through to the end. I just love how Luke and Alice are with each other. Well done. :)

SouthLakesMom said...

Dr. John - thank you for wanting more. That's all the encouragement a writer needs!

Fandango - it drags out because dragons don't like LONG pieces, and so I'm giving it small bites. Plus, the words often lead me to keep it short!

Susan - dunh dunh, DUNH!!! Uncross your fingers or it will be really hard to type!

Quilly - it is a bit perplexing. I hope someone fills me in before next week!

Nessa -- stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Thom -- you're never late -- when you arrive "on time" has occurred! Baking cookies THIS afternoon finally! So, I'm just now on time too.