Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Post-Christmas Grinch

Yep, that's me. Today is officially the "enough lying around enjoying your school break" day. I've confiscated the laptop and the iTouch and they'll not be allowed any electronics until they get some things done.

Too harsh? (I hear you cry). What a cruel mother! Ah well, I'd post the photos to prove it but I don't want the Environmental Protection Agency showing up with "CONDEMNED" signs for my basement or a certain teen girl's room.

Worse, we have dinner guests this evening who have a small child who is still VERY close to the floor, so I need to get the floors clean today. So I've imposed the same limit on me -- no more computer until I get the floors clean. Hopefully I'll be back on tomorrow!

Missing the visiting and blogging and especially, Microfiction Monday, but the kids learn a lot better from example than nagging. I hope.



Anonymous said...

I have a perfect song for this

Ace of Base

Enjoy Scrooge

quilly said...

Funny. My post today speaks to this very issue.