Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tis the Season

On Friday evening we held our Womens Ministry Christmas Event at our church, Reston Presbyterian. The night was traditionally a night of baking cookies together, but this year we decided (for a lot of reasons including Fire Marshal rules) to go a different direction.

A friend and I felt led to make the evening one of worship and joyful expectancy rather than people feeling they had 'one more thing' to accomplish on their calendar.

I am happy to say that the evening accomplished what we saw as our mission. There was a small turn-out, but enough to know that the Lord had done His work in many hearts to get these ladies there. I felt very blessed, and to be honest, no matter what else happens in this holiday season forward from here, I believe I can meet it with calm and peace.

If you need a "program" to read, to help you adjust or prepare your heart for truly enjoying the holiday season, feel free to read or download the program here.

Be blessed!


Susan at Stony River said...

It sounds like the perfect Christmas get-together to me: I think if just one Christmas we all dropped the stressful things like shopping and giant dinners, and picked the spiritual up again, we'd find real joy.


Anonymous said...

First my friend. Thank you so much for the cookies and candy canes. They arrived and I posted about it HERE. They are just wonderful and I thank you soooo much. Sounds like a great meeting. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

quilly said...

This sounds like a beautiful service. We did something similar in church on Sunday for the entire congregation.

Nessa said...

Such a lovely idea. We often have so much to do that we can't enjoy the reason for the season.

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