Sunday, May 22, 2011


The First Ever Be AMYazing Reston Youth Triathlon was a HUGE success today!  Wow!  The kids were incredible, moving through the water, the bike course and the run without slowing down.  The weather was perfect.

My volunteer table was near the end of the 6-8 year old run course and they came down that path as they entered the stadium.  Those gap-toothed grins with sense of accomplishment were precious.  I got teary as I watched the first ones run in -- a lot of hard work and prayer was behind this event being successful.

Sure, we had a few cuts and scrapes, and a few unpleasant parents (you have to feel sorry for a 6 year old whose parents are both wearing triathlon gear, and have him in a little triathlon gear suit, and are screaming at him to go faster), but overall, this was a FUN and ENJOYABLE day.

Kudos to my teens (mine and one of my son's friends) who got up at 6 to allow me to be on the course at 7.  They were also AMYazing!

Now, because I was up at 4:30 thinking of more things to do, I'm tired, so signing off...


Mary said...

Awesome! Glad it went well!

quilly said...

Sounds like a great day. I know I would have gotten teary, too.

The Bug said...

So glad it went well! And I'm glad you're crazy week is over now :)