Friday, May 20, 2011

I am NOT Woody Woodpecker

We live in a forest so we have woodpeckers. LOTS of woodpeckers. We have downy ones, hairy ones and pileated ones. They love our suet, and they love to drill on our house. We try to maintain peaceful coexistence with them because they do eat a lot of bugs.

This has apparently inspired our parakeet. This is what she did to the roll of paper towels on our holder.

And this is the look of NO SHAME.

I am not a woodpecker, but I play one when they're not paying attention!


The Bug said...


Sweet Tea said...

Polly wanna paper towel?
(I think that would be a YES!)

Mary said...

He is beautiful! How could you stay mad at him? :D

SouthLakesMom said...

Mary, she is a menace. She likes to get on the fabric covers on the chairs and pluck the fibers of thread until she's plucked holes in them. As soon as the Triathlon is finished, I'm sewing covers for the covers. Sheesh!

But you're right. I can't stay mad. You can't blame a budgie for being a budgie.

christopher said...

If I were repairing the damage I may feel otherwise, but from the outside looking in the parakeet seems to have a good sense of humor.