Saturday, May 21, 2011

Simply AMYazing!

You all know I'm up to my ears in youth triathlon volunteer duties.  The big event is tomorrow morning.

But I wanted to take a minute to showcase the teens, who were friends of the little girl who died of brain cancer, who have set all this up in her memory.

We had so many volunteers show up to help (adult and teen) that we have almost a 1:1 ratio for tomorrow!  COOL!

And here is the mom, handing out the T-shirts to competitors.  Her daughter Amy inspired it all. I can't imagine life without my L-girl; I don't know how Hannah gets through every day.


Sweet Tea said...

What a worthy cause.
A win/win for the cause and the community.
Way to go, Guuurl!

Sweet Tea said...
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Mary said...

Every time I hear of parents who have lost a child getting involved, I'm amazed. I think I would just want to crawl up and stay to myself. How inspiring! And how wonderful for those teens to keep her memory alive!