Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fun Drums!

This is from the Pyramid Band Concert on Thursday evening.  The Pyramid refers to our schools.  We have 6 elementary schools and one middle school that feed into our high school through our pyramid.  The concert is the Honor Band for all the elementary schools combined (auditions required), as well as the top bands for the middle school and high school.
My trumpet player

This is my son's last band season since he doesn't want to continue in high school. He played in the concert with the Middle School band.  They did very well, but the real treat of the evening was a fun number by the High School drum line.


Pat said...

That was great--I loved it! I've heard a lot more about drum lines in the past decade or so--It seems to have become quite popular and it's quite impressive to hear.

My three sons were all in band through 8th grade, and my middle son continued all the way through high school. He said the only reason he continued on in band was because of the honor bands he was able to go to. He played euphonium through high school, but when he went off to college he never picked it up again, but instead taught himself how to play guitar. Now he plays occasionally with the worship team at his church.

The Bug said...

I enjoyed that a lot - man it must be nice to have SOME rhythm :)

quilly said...

Quitting band! Wahhhh!

Love that drum performance!

SouthLakesMom said...
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Mary said...

Our middle school drum line did something with garbage cans last year, and it was a hit! Looks like they had fun!

SouthLakesMom said...

The comment I deleted was about him quitting band. He was not enthused about all the yelling involved with marching band and with the director (he's been exposed to him through the combined band activities). He knows he'll get yelled at with football and JROTC, but he LIKES those activities a lot more. I was a band kid, and I can say with confidence, my son is NOT.

But he will continue with his private teacher and will play in church, so it's a good thing. We choose our battles, don't we?