Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Christmas in May?

This is a Christmas Cactus that sits in my kitchen window.  It has sat there since about 2006.  But for some reason, this year it started to bloom.  In May.  Perhaps it is confused.  (On the other hand, I just read wikipedia that says it blooms in May in Brazil.  Perhaps mine is just homesick?)

At any rate (you say) I SEE a Christmas card right next to it so of COURSE it's a Christmas cactus!

Well, yes, but that's part of our Christmas prayers that we do.  If someone sends my family a Christmas card, after Christmas we tuck it into a drawer in our kitchen table.  On Sunday evening each week, we reach into the drawer, and randomly pull out a card.  We re-read whatever the person wrote, especially about big events coming up in the next year (weddings, babies, graduations, etc.). Then before dinner each night that week we pray for that person or their family.  If you sent me a card, at some point this year you will be prayed for.  Every night for a week.  We even include you if we go out to eat!

This card happens to be from my son's trumpet teacher and his wife.  It is a privilege to pray for everyone, and we especially love praying for young couples like them.  Newly married (2 years), new home owners.  He is a professional musician -- plays with the Air Force Ceremonial Brass and is a truly nice guy.

He encourages my son and yet firmly moves him along to greater expectations for himself.  It's a gift.

So, Merry Christmas to Pat & Emily.  Enjoy the flower.


The Bug said...

That is such a GREAT idea! I'll have to remember it for next year.

Mary said...

My parents' Christmas Cactus is blooming, too. Interesting.

quilly said...

In Hawaii my Christmas cactus bloomed twice per year -- Christmas and Easter. I thought that quite fitting.