Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blessed Silence

Wow.  Today was my Bible Study class.  It was my small group's turn to serve in children's. The idea is that the members of the group are divided up between the children's classes and the leader (me) floats between, visiting with her core group members and being an extra pair of hands where needed.

In theory, it works.  But this morning I didn't get any farther than the 12-18 month olds.  They had a screamer and needed an extra set of arms.  I was those arms.  He didn't scream the entire time, but when he wasn't screaming, he was crying really loudly. It was just separation anxiety, but to him, it was a real terror that he would never see his mommy again.  The only thing that calmed him was for me to sit with him away from the others and read stories. I had to read them really loud to get his attention. Then as he quieted to listen to the stories, I could drop my voice and read normally. I now have memorized the entire toddler Bible...

I have to say that God's sense of humor is still intact, even if mine is a little tattered right now. He knows I thrive in order and quiet. But it wasn't about me this morning, it was about Him. He wanted me to be looking to Him for sustenance.

I am NOT a person with an excess of sympathy and mercy, especially in the face of uncontrolled screaming. But I am practical, and someone had to hold the child so they could get onto the lesson with the others. So as I sit here ruminating upon my morning I conclude:

1. It is a privilege when mothers trust us with their babies so they can go study God's word.
2. This level of separation anxiety is a normal developmental stage. Praise God for normal development.
3.  Screaming lungs are healthy lungs. Praise God for healthy lungs.
4.  Anyone who works in this age group needs to bring ear plugs. Amen.

I'm grateful that I'm home now for at least 90 minutes by myself to regroup.  And the bird isn't making any noise.

Blessed Silence.


Mary said...

I would've been soooo frazzled! I don't do well with a screamin' baby...never have!

quilly said...

Good job. The fact that he was safe while mom was gone AND the fact that mom did come back will help him feel safer next week. It is good you were there and chose to remain calm instead of crying and/or reprimanding.