Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Muffed Target

Wow - how did it get to be Tuesday again so quickly?  Here's my muffed target for the week.  Don't worry -- there are plenty more where this one came from!  If you want to express humility and humanity, join Thom in this great meme where even the best photographers (not me) have something in common with the little people -- TERRIBLE PHOTOS!

I'm sure that if I had been trying to take a photo of the dock this might have sufficed. But I wasn't. I'm not sure what the target was . . . but it was MUFFED!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps a bird that flew away?

quilly said...

It is nice to see you "posted" for Thom's Muffed photo (hahahahaha)

Anonymous said...

LOL I so do that all the time. The picture comes out and I think what was I aiming at LOL Thanks for playing along. Much appreciated :)