Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Girl Makes Me Laugh

The teen girl just came home from school and came into my office to check in and talk about the day. I reminded her that we have a meeting at her school tonight to which the students are invited, but not required to attend.

She said she is tired and just wants to do her homework and go to bed early so she probably won't go to the meeting.

Then she folded her hands and leaned toward me and put on this Deanna Troi (Star Trek) face and said, "tell me how you feel about that."

I answered, "bereft."  

She said, "I see. But how does that make you feel?"

I answered, "ever since my daughter came back from Canada she has no time for anything other than dreaming about riding horses and dreaming about her boyfriend! It feels like ^&*^&*!"

She leaned closer, and in a very patronizing tone asked, "well, how do you feel about your mother?"  Then we both burst out laughing.

Seriously though, I'm okay with her distraction. She had a wonderful time, and I'm glad to see her happy. And this little interchange reassured me we are okay!


Anonymous said...

I think the bereft Mama is realizing that the teen daughter is coming into her own. The beauty of kids growing up is when they call their mother their best friend. Then the conversations get even better :)

JillAileenJones said...

This made me laugh-there used to be a girl at our church that every time she saw me would say I looked like "that girl on Star Trek" meaning Deanna-so this made me think of that and gave me a chuckle.

quilly said...

According to "Laugh Your Way to Grace," humor is a sacred gift given to us by God and should be used to create bonds. Seems to me you two have that down pat!

Mary said...

Loved hearing about that interaction! Sounds like y'all have a wonderful relationship!

SouthLakesMom said...

I do have a lot of fun with my kids. A somewhat similar conversation ensued with my son about a survey they made him answer at school regarding "bullying". This time I was the Deanna Troi. The school system has gone into overdrive trying to control children's behavior, so rather than feed his increasing disrespect for the system, I try to make light of it. Probably not the most mature attitude on my part, but it works for us!