Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Muffed Target

This fun meme, hosted by Thom, by way of Gattina, allows us to be irreverent about our own mess-ups.

I think it's better to admit we're not perfect than to try to hold it together all the time! So in the interest of imperfection, here is my muffed target for the week!

Looks like some alien creatures under a microscope! It's actually our neighbor's Christmas display, buried in 2 feet of snow with snow still falling. During our big snowstorm last year they invited everyone up to their house at the top of the street for a snow party. It was SO MUCH FUN . . . and we worked so hard trying to get through the drifts to get there and back, we burned off any calories we consumed!

Thanks, Thom!

Juliana kindly suggested that with a little contrast this would be a stunning photo -- so this is for here.  I actually did have a GOOD one, but for every good photo there are a NUMBER of bad ones too!


Anonymous said...

LOL. These is what this meme is all about. What a chilling experience. LOL. Thanks for playing. Much appreciated.

Mama Zen said...

It does look like aliens! Cool!

juliana said...

with a little contrast this would be a stunning photo!

Mary said...

That actually is a pretty cool picture! My BIL & SIL that live in that area also had a big time with neighborhood snow parties! What a good time!

quilly said...

LOL! This does look like the pics Amoeba takes with the humongous electron microscope! I thought you were studying diatoms!

juliana said...

thanks for adding the second photo. yes, i had something like that on mind although i still like the snowflakes in the first one ;)