Wednesday, June 22, 2011


First official day of school being out. They only had 2 hours each the last two days, but still had to go. Yes, it's crazy, but at least the legislators who decide these things aren't trying to TEACH!  Yikes!

Letting the kids sleep in past 6am is such a treat. We're going to meet some friends for a bike ride in a little while, and then visit one of our favorite places -- Great Harvest Bread in Herndon!

Today is bound to generate some great photos -- we're caching as well.  Check back later to see! (Right now Blogger won't let me upload photos.  Sigh. Ah well, can't beat the price)


Robin said...

Enjoy! Our summer break doesn't begin until July 1st, but I can't wait. The kids will be in day camp and I'll be studying like mad so no really relaxed days, but still, no homework, lunches to pack or school bags to worry about, and of course a whole lot more fun when we finish off with long lazy afternoons at the pool :).

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Sweet Tea said...

Yeay! Summer has arrived at your house! Enjoy!!
IMO, it's the best time of the entire year. Hope this is a great Summer for all of us. Let the good times begin!!