Friday, June 24, 2011

Successful Cache Pass

I've been working on a 3 stage multi cache for a couple of weeks. The way this works is that one uses the GPS to find the first cache. It has the coordinates for the second cache half the coordinates for the final cache. The first cache's hint was "Think Kohler."  When I found it, I started laughing out loud. It was lodged in a bowl created by the way 2 trees grew together, looking like a TOILET.  Hilarious, but I forgot to photo.  Followed the second set of coordinates to another brilliant cache.  This is it:

Click on the photo to see it up close.  Brilliant.
So now I had the coordinates for the final stage, which was about 2 miles away and the boy was hungry and tired so we paused for the day.  That was yesterday. Today we got on our bikes, remembered to take everything (except hand towels for wiping our faces - darn) and got moving.  This, too, was a brilliant hide. Our GPS was saying it was another 44 feet "that way".  My son climbed up on a rock to see where "that way" took us and said, "Oh! I see it!".  It was nearly at his feet.  GPS'ers bounce around a bit, so I wasn't surprised.

After we finished that one, we went to another one called "Magic Log."  I had brought long socks to put on if we were to bushwack so I could avoid more Poison Ivy.  Once they were on, it was short work to find it.  Along the way though, I ran across these interesting little things. Son (the Boy Scout) says they're mushrooms or fungi -- and hallucinogenic.  I decided to forego hallucinating and settle for a photo.

Again, click on the photo to see them up close.

Our final cache was in a busy location, surrounded by restaurants. Easy find and just signed the log. We sat and enjoyed our Starbucks treats before starting on our further quest.  We got as far as #4, and found it easily (it wasn't really even hidden). But as we started for #5, the geocaching app crashed and we couldn't get any updates, so we bagged it and came home. I HATE when that happens in the field. I need to figure out a work-around, but since we were 4/4 for the day, it was a good way to finish!

Somewhere along the way I made the mistake of asking my son, "Are you enjoying this or are you just indulging me because I'm your mom?" He said, "about half and half." I probably would have been happier not knowing. Be careful what you ask a teen, right?


Anonymous said...

Your son is quiet the smart fellow i tell ya. I love the toilet LOL Too funny. Have a great weekend.

Sweet Tea said...

That sounds like fun. When your son is older he will look back on these outings as great memories.

Mary said...

I was going to say what Sweet Tea said. He'll look back and remember that time y'all spent together.