Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Muffed Target

I'm hoping Thom is getting around to doing this today because I've been saving bad photos instead of deleting them, JUST FOR HIM!

The idea is that we all screw up photography, and sometimes it's nice to share it and know that you're not alone!

Here are my muffed targets from the bike trips this week.

This is actually kind of surreal, don't you think?

I think I stuck the camera in to photograph someplace
I didn't want to stick my hand into geocaching.

Looks like water going over something,
but I have NO IDEA!

So, the little story.  Well, sometimes I'm done with taking the photo before the shutter closes.  Oops!


Anonymous said...

You mean there's a think called a shutter on cameras? LOL I like the first one...looks like modern art if ya ask me. Great photos and thanks so much for playing. Much appreciated.

Robin said...

That second one looks pretty cool :).

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quilly said...

Check your settings. You should be able to speed your shutter up! Although, I kind of like the abstract color smears you've got going.