Monday, June 13, 2011

Just Keep Pedaling

Today dawned as the PERFECT day for geocahing on my bike. I finally gave in and put the new seat on, and although it isn't like sitting on cotton, it, along with padded shorts, will be fine.

Headed out to my first spot and got within 30 feet of it, but two things happened.

1) I was wearing bike shorts and the area is really overgrown. I decided to wait until one of those conditions change

2) I lost my comm with  Yep, the app is having issues.  I thought it was just because of the tree cover, but all of my e-mails nagging me about things I should have been back at my home office accomplishing came through just fine. I continued my ride, periodically checking for comm, but no joy on that front.

However, I did see a hawk -- very bad photo here because I was afraid he'd fly off.  I also saw some pretty hydrangeas, another cool tree trunk hollow and some pretty yellow trumpet-like flowers!  Also took my new profile pic!

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The Bug said...

Love the new profile pic :)