Wednesday, June 29, 2011

See on the Roads Around Your Nation's Capital

What do you think this one says?
And where is Thom when I need him?

Pretty self-explanatory

This one is funny.  The woman walked up as I took it.
She said her husband (military) is from Michigan, and
she refused to put Michigan plates on her car
unless he let her have something with Texas!

And this is on the front of her car.
Apparently Michigan does not require a front plate!
Seen at the airport this afternoon.

And this is the entire back end of the car!


Sweet Tea said...

My guess for the first tag is "creative one".
I love reading tags - they bring out the total NERD in me!!
I loved this post! :-)

The Bug said...

Oh yeah - I see that now. I was wondering if it was about some tv station :)

There's a VW Bug at work whose plate is: Buggity. I think that's pretty cute.