Monday, June 27, 2011

Another Day, Another Cache

Woo-Hoo!  Son agreed to ride with me again today to look for a cache.  This one was in an area of our community where I don't like to spend a lot of time by myself. Let's say it's "on the edge of respectability."

At any rate, the GPS kept saying the East side of the path, and the clue was that it was magnetic.  On the east side of the path were 2 big electrical boxes, a man hole cover, a metal drainage pipe and a not-quite-buried sewer pipe.  ALL would be excellent candidates for a magnetic stick-on.  Of course, he found it, and on the WEST side of the path, stuck to the ONE electrical box on that side. It was disguised to look like a bolt and completely blended in.

These things are amazing. This one was a "pico" -- smaller than a "nano."  If you wear a size 5 ring, it's bigger around on the inside than this cache. A dime is bigger around.  Here's a photo of the kind we were seeking:
Yeah - exactly.  The top unscrews and there's a log rolled up tightly inside.  This one had been painted the same color as the metal to which it was clinging.  AUUGHH!  Thank goodness I had son with me.

True confessions.  I had shamelessly bribed him. With this.

Hey, it worked. He got out of bed and helped me.  I love my son.

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Mary said...

Bribing boys with food will get you everywhere!
I can't believe he found that little bitty thing!