Friday, June 3, 2011

Don't Hate Her/Him Because She/He is Beautiful

I went on another great bike ride today and managed to stay up on 2 wheels the whole time.  The weather is PERFECT -- what we call "San Diego" weather (and we're on the East coast!)  The nature photos are stops I made for interesting places. The ones with water are upstream and downstream from a nice bridge on the path. The entire area was restored a couple of years ago.

I thought the tree looked intriguing! Two views.

The mosaic on the tunnel entrance was done by local 5th & 6th graders as part of an "Artist in Residence" project last year. The kids helped design and install it. It's really cool when you move towards it -- as the light changes, different parts of the mosaic light up. I thought it was neon when I first saw it!  Beautiful!  You can read more about it HERE

Speaking of flashy, I'm in the part of the country where there are a lot of cardinals. I mean a LOT. I see them everywhere, and although the flash of the male's red wings is eye catching, I find the females just as compelling to watch.

Today I saw many of them flitting to and fro. It's the time of year when they have very hungry babies in the nest. We have some that come in and out of our yard -- to the suet feeders! The female perches on top and delicately takes what she wants. The male flies up and flapping madly, hovers for a brief moment. He thinks he's a gorgeous male cardinal with the superpower of hovering like a hummingbird. I think he probably burns up as many calories hovering as he gains from the suet. But whatever - he can do it his way.

One thing I noticed about them today was that they were flying in and out of low bushes. I saw this especially in neighborhoods and that prompted the thought that is the title of the blog.

These gorgeous, appealing, eye-catching, STATE BIRD of SEVEN states (including my own) is really STUPID. They nest low, near houses, where cats can get to them. Kind of reminds me of some of the beautiful women in Hollywood.  They're really gorgeous and then do really stupid, pain-causing, bad-for-their-progeny things.

So what explains that?


Mary said...

Trees fascinate me the way that they grow. I was looking at a tree in our yard the other day, wondering how in the world it grew that way.

The Bug said...

That's funny about the cardinals. Just today Mike was saying that the problem with economists is that they think that people will behave in predictable ways. Really? Since when? We are forever shooting ourselves in the feet & then acting surprised when we can't walk.

SouthLakesMom said...

Mary, trees are so inspiring -- how they bend, move, heal and keep striving to reach the light. It's in their DNA as a gift from God; I don't know why we don't see it in ours as well!

Dana, amen to Dr. M. although in my case we wreck our bikes and then act surprised when our balance is wobbly the next day!