Thursday, June 2, 2011

Older than I feel

Today it is at least 15 degrees cooler than the sauna we were in yesterday. What a relief!  I decided to go to the library. Remind me next time to not do that when I have hard back books checked out!

You know how they say statistically you're more in danger within 5 miles of home?  Well ... I found it to be true today. At the base of the path that leads out of my neighborhood onto the paved trails, I wiped out good. The only thing that saved me was that I was on wood chips. The dark gouge in this picture is where my front tire slipped sideways.

And here is my trusty steed, none the worse for wear.  It told me, in its own declarative way, it is NOT a trail bike!

I love this bike. I've had it longer than my kids. I bought it in Germany in 1989. Back then it was an enormous expense -- I really couldn't afford it, but I wanted one so badly. Back in the day this was called a touring bicycle -- ideal for places like Holland.  Flat places. Still, it has cycled all kinds of places, sometimes pulling a trailer with annoying children (faster, mom!) sometimes carrying me with my library books. It deserves to be treated better than I do.

Nonetheless, it and I survived the wreck. I have some bruises, including ones to my dignity (there was a man walking by with two little dogs). So perhaps tomorrow I'll go to the gym and take a class. It's air conditioned too.

Finally, I saw this cool place on my ride. Is that door slowly opening?


The Bug said...

Sorry about the wipe-out! I'll bet those hard books didn't help any.

Love the tree house - wonder what could be behind that door? Ooooo...

Mary said...

I have to have gears on my bike with all of the hills around here! I don't know how you do it without gears!
That tree house is really cool!!